Noble, Pilgrim Required Skills: Steward Required Equipment: ship (yacht preferred)

Player information. Two high-ranking officiants of the Ninefold Path are seeking passage to a nearby world for an upcoming conclave. Each has an accompanying retinue of a few postulants acting as servants for them during the trip. Because they do not want to be disturbed during their voyage, they are interested in chartering the players' ship for the voyage.

The functionary sent to negotiate and finalize the business arrangements will not be among the party travelling. While officially she assures players that the needs of the officiants will be minimal, and their manner humble, if the players take care to forge a good connection with her and dig a bit deeper, it will become clear that both officiants are highly placed, and well used to having underlings do their bidding without question. They will expect high passage treatment on the journey, and the better experienced the Steward that takes care of their needs, the better.

Referee information. Pick, or roll, for what might be going on.

1-3. All is as represented. No surprises occur. The group of adherents is internally harmonious, and while they might expect detailed and deferential service, if the players can provide this, all will be fine.

4-5. The Ninefold Path is a church naturally divided into two principal sects, and delight in extended debate upon finer points of doctrine. The two officiants in the party in question are particular rivals with one another, and the trip may have especially heated moments where the players will have to attempt to soothe and calm the waters, or be held responsible for an unsatisfactory voyage.

6. Same as above, except if the players do not step in, matters will get well out of hand and one of the postulants will end up dead. Players will need to take steps to, firstly, prove that the murder wasn't done by a member of the crew (as the officiants will first insist) and, secondly, will need to determine to the officiants satisfaction exactly who is responsible.

The investigation should depend on things like building up a logical record of testimony by the passengers to determine that someone is obviously lying, perhaps backed up physical forensic evidence that could be gathered and analyzed by the ship's medic or by poring through the ship's computer records for passenger movements (in which case, delicately presenting this evidence to the officiants may be needed), etc.