I'm developing a set of resources for ongoing games using the old, Classic Traveller [CT] set of rolegame rules.

terran commonwealth. My current ongoing games use a setting of my own divising, rather than the traditional Imperium setting associated with the Traveller game. My goals for the setting were to keep things much more constrained and "closer to home" (nearer to Earth in space and time) for players and myself.

Part of building the setting up involves developing an ongoing set of house rules.


With the new edition of RuneQuest [RQ], I've decided to turn back to trying gaming set in Glorantha.

new players. As my players are liable to know next to nothing about it, to start with, I'm going to make every effort to use a limited number of books as authorities on anything, and focus strongly on adventures and progressive release of setting detail only when it becomes important in play.

That said, it's a rich enough setting that it probably requires at least a player introduction booklet of some kind.

[CT]Traveller (Classic),
[RQ]RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha,