Pilgrims on a pilgrimage

  • The group is contacted by a religious functionary who wants to charter their ship for the passage to a nearby world; several important religious adherents, and their servants, will be attending a conclave, and they want the exclusive use of their transport for the trip.
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What about the neighbours?

  • Giving meaningful hooks to Traveller characters means having a selection of patrons, rumours, and information about not just the system the characters are currently in, but also the neighbouring systems. Where do the players want to go next? Where will they get money from? Knowing what lies just beyond the jump threshold helps facilitate these choices.
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The price of owning a yacht

  • Noble characters created from the classic Citizens of the Imperium supplement can muster out with a yacht as a benefit. Unlike the ship benefits from Book 1 (access to a Scout ship, access to a free trader), the yacht that a noble can end up with does not seem to come with strings attached (no mortgage, for example; no strong-arming by the Scout service). But just like owning a luxury car is not as free and easy as it seems, owning a yacht comes with regular costs that may not seem obvious.
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